Startseite Skripte für das Sommersemester 2018 Interface Design Farben, Marvel, Invision Kulturelle Aspekte von Farbe

Kulturelle Aspekte von Farbe

Bild von Sister72

In the West, black can be associated with death and mourning. The opposite is sometimes the case in the East; white is the colour of mourning.

Designers must be sensitive to the cultural aspects of the meaning and symbolism of colours.

Let’s take the example I’ve just used of red. In the West, red is seen as a hot colour. It’s vibrant, flashy, and angry. In fact, a common saying is ‘seeing red’, or ‘the red mist descends’, indicating anger or fury.

However, in the East, red is seen as a colour associated with wealth, purity and good fortune and sometimes divinity.

Choosing colours should therefore not only be an exercise in finding the right balance and aesthetic combination of colours, but also an exercise in studying the target audience’s cultural norms. The consequences of getting it wrong could be disastrous.

Mark Boulton: Designing for the Web