Startseite Skripte für das Sommersemester 2018 Ökologie & Nachhaltigkeit Master Ernährung Europäisches Vieh frisst den Amazonas-Regenwald auf

Europäisches Vieh frisst den Amazonas-Regenwald auf

Saliendo de casa von Francisco Chaves

Europe's overconsumption of meat, feeds and agrofuels is leading to the continued destruction of the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado in Brazil with serious consequences for the climate, biodiversity and the lives of thousands of people.

Consumers can play a role by reducing how much meat they eat, but we need governments to urgently reform European farming policy to help farmers reduce their use of imported soy animal feeds, and to cut plans to expand the use of biofuels.

We feed the World: Europäisches Vieh frisst Regenwald auf; 54:30 – 1:00:00