Startseite Skripte für das Sommersemester 2018 Ökologie & Nachhaltigkeit Master Good News Small, local, open and connected

Small, local, open and connected

Bee-In-Flight von Jeff Turner

As a matter of fact, it is easy to observe that lasting natural systems result from a multiplicity of largely independent systems and are based on a variety of living strategies.

The result is that rigid, vertical organizational models that were dominant in industrialized society are melting into fluid and horizontal ones as new distributed forms of knowledge and decision-making become more common

Products must be designed so that their production can be as near as possible to where they will be used (point of use production)

The more a system is networked, the larger is its interface with society and the more the social side of innovation has to be considered

Bitte lest diesen Artikel – er erklärt genauer, was mit „Small, local, open and connected“ gemeint ist!